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Sri Balkampet Yellamma
Sri Balkampet Yellamma
Sri Balkampet Yellamma
Sri Balkampet Yellamma
Sri Balkampet Yellamma

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05:00 AM – 08:30 PM

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Wear Mask Compulsory and Maintain Social Distancing for your Safety and Good Health. Please Give Respect to Elders and give way for them in the queue lines to help them move forward first.

Temple History

  • The Balkampet Yellamma Temple has a history dating back to the 15th century, spanning over 700 years.
  • A rock with a goddess sculpture was discovered 10 feet underground during a well-digging excavation.
  • The immovable idol led to the construction of a temple on the same spot in the 15th century.
  • The temple has undergone multiple renovations, with the current structure existing since the early 20th century.
  • Recent renovations included the installation of an eternal holy flame (Akhand Jyothi) that remains lit 24/7.
  • The idol of the goddess is positioned 10 feet below ground level, earning her the name Jala Durga, meaning “the goddess in water.”

Sri Yellamma Pochamma Devasthanam, Balkampet has been re-constructed in the year 1919. The main Goddess YELLAMMA is said to be Swaymbhu, meaning Self appeared, not installled by humans at ground level. The deity is in the water and un-spontaneously water will flow through springs (Uta) particularly.  There is a small temple towards south side which is called as POCHAMMA Devi. The two important festivals in this temple are Ammavvari “KALYANAM” and “BONALU” which is being celebrated every year. Important days of of worshipping the Goddess are Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday respectively.

This temple was initially registered in the year 1963 by the Director of Endowments and Joint Secretary, Board of Revenue, Kingkoti, Hyderabad vide Reg.No.1341, Dt.04.07.1963 U/s old Act 19/1951 and later reclassified and published u/s 6(a)(ii) and Registered U/s 43(10) of the Act 30/87 vide Lr.No.D/1283/2012, Dt.30.07.2012.

Now, this Devasthanam is being managed by the Executive Officer in the cadre of Assistant Commissioner under administrative control of the Commissioner, Endowments Department, T.S., Hyderabad.

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